The Career of Kirk Chewning Shows the Value of Acquiring Experience Early On

There are many different ways for ambitious, talented, energetic people today to get ahead. Many find that climbing the corporate ladder ends up being rewarding, especially for those with the kinds of skills that are most needed at the moment. A look at the career of Cane Bay partner Kirk Chewning will reveal that making progress is always more than possible.

A Steady Progression into Roles with Greater Responsibilities and Impact

Like many today, Chewning set his sights on the banking industry as a young man just getting started. That ended up being the perfect place within which to launch a career that has culminated in a prestigious partnership. Along the way, he performed at a high level in roles including:

  • Vice President of Loan Portfolio Management. One of Chewning’s early positions of responsibility had him managing a large portfolio of commercial loans. As a Vice President, he was assigned ultimate accountability for how each of those individual loans was managed. As a result, he had to keep a close eye on how every loan performed, as well as the activities of those assigned to manage it in particular. Having this type and level of responsibility early on ended up being a formative experience.
  • Vice President of Business Development. As so many others do, Chewning then switched tracks to gain a different style of experience. Business development is a priority for just about every company today, but especially for those in particularly competitive industries. As a Vice President of Business Development, Chewning helped a software application developer grow even in the face of fierce competition from others. Once again, taking on a new type of responsibility equipped him with skills that would prove very valuable later on.
  • Independent Consultant. With plenty of corporate experience under his belt, Chewing then set up shop for himself. His previous positions had provided him with plenty of marketable skills, and clients soon came calling.

Experience and Dedication Encourage Later-Career Success

As Chewning’s career and those of others show, soaking up every available bit of business experience can only pay off. Ambitious people who do so early on can count on building up portfolios that others will see the value of.